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Quality Gas Compliance Equipment

At Gas Power Industries, we can supply and install high-quality gas compliance equipment for gas processing for places like mine sites and other commercial locations. Our team makes sure to use top-quality equipment. These ensure that the installation process goes smoothly, and your equipment is in top condition for a long time.

Commercial and industrial operations that need gas appliances must ensure they are using high-quality equipment. Such gas appliances must comply with the latest regulations and safety standards.

Here is a list of gas compliance equipment we provide:


  • Gas-fired engines from all major & reputable brands

  • Generator sets, including those for shopping centres, mine sites & gas wells
Whatever your gas compliance equipment needs are, we are at your service. Our team can advise you on picking the right gear for your site, helping you design the right solution. We ensure that your business meets all the relevant regulations.

Do not hesitate to give us a call to learn more about our services!
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Frequently Asked Questions


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