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Professional Gas Compliance Services

Would you like to run your appliances and devices on gas in Queensland or anywhere else in Australia? In that case, you will need a gas compliance certificate. This is a document that confirms your equipment and installation to meet the required state regulations and standards.

At Gas Power Industries, we are capable of designing, installing, maintaining and servicing your gas systems to ensure that they comply with the latest regulations. Our team has years of experience and all the required qualifications to ensure gas compliance. The safety of everyone involved is always our primary concern, which is why we always inspect an area before performing any work on it.

Gas Power Industries is currently testing hydrogen supplementation into gas and diesel engines.

We are also aware that each project is unique

That is why we always analyse the gas system carefully and design or redesign it for compliance. Our qualified technicians can install and maintain gas systems in commercial areas like shopping centres, gas plants as well as servicing industrial power, heating, gas compression and compliance inspections. We are also certified and skilled to work on type B gas systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can issue a gas compliance certificate?
The state regulations make it mandatory to have a gas compliance certificate. The certificate should be issued only by ... Read more
Is it legal to import a generator or another device from overseas?
Yes, it is legal to import a generator or another gas device from overseas. However, please note that the device might not comply with ... Read more
Is it possible to convert a generator to gas?
Yes, it is possible to do generator conversions to gas, such as propane, natural gas, and/or biogas. Our experienced team can help you if you need this at your location.